About Me

I won't lie and say I was born a photographer, I was 8 or 9 when my Dad decided to take it upon himself to pay someone to show me how to handle and operate a camera, at the time I had no interest in any of it so I never followed through. Fast forward 10 years later and I found myself taking photos for the church I went to and somehow ended up shooting my first wedding that same year (Thank you Nancy & Leon). I later looked back at the photos from that wedding and loved the satisfaction and purpose I felt, it felt like I found out what my super power was. I went on to do a photography course at Tameside college and I have never looked back since.

My style of photography is a blend of photojournalism with a bit of creative portraiture, in plain English I love to capture natural moments as they happen without any posing but I occasionally pose and stage photos to bring out the inner Vogue model in all of us.

Leon "ellDOT" Ngeleka